Friday, June 26, 2009

I finally finished my 4th of July Decor! The picture is dark cuz I only had the front door open and the flash. I used a paper towel tube cut in thirds for the firecrackers. The stamp used on letters backgrounds from TAC retired long ago but very useful. I put this Decor on the mantle after taking pix. Hope you likey!! Got some more discontinued stamps today in mail, will cut out and play this evening. Today was last day to order anything from old catty. New catalog will be be here next week as Seminar is this weekend.

I am really excited to see the new Catty and all the stamps. I have been buying stamps like crazy from TAC, reading other blogs from TAC people helps show different ways stamps can be used and the ideas are really awesome too!

My favorite blogs are

Check them out for yourself!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hi all, it has been awhile but I have been working on a few things and got my lastest order in and just had to get this card posted. This is for my two grandsons Ian and Owen Stavis, who live in Colorado with my daughter Kay and her hubby Skip. I love this stamp set T-2382 Girlz & Boyz. I used Prismapencils and mineral oil. Ian is 5 yrs old and Owen just turned 1 year in Feb. I know my daughter will enjoy the card more than the boys for now. But it was fast and fun to make!!!