Wednesday, January 13, 2010

***Pepsi Cola Challenge for STAMPITCRAZY***
Yes I know I am a big fat slacker on my blog and I have no
excuse except I love being able to do what I want whenever I
want. Soooooo I get lazy and just knit all day cook food for the week or bake brownies. Shoot me I am guilty!
Here is my card very simple for Stampitcrazy.


  1. Awesome card Sue, You do what you want... I do, Naps are wonderful, and good for me! I will post all my cards when the challenge is over.

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a challenge for a drink before! Too cute! And I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself. I wish you were closer. I tried to learn to knit, got 1/2 way through a dog sweater and still haven't finished it, teehee. I have a problem following the pattern and never returned to the local "Knit Witz" stor that was trying to teach me. Have you ever been there when you have visited Jax??

    Stay warm and go bake some more cookies chick!!

  3. I agree with what Melisa said! But I have to tell you that you picked my number one favorite soft drink ever! No Coke for me! LOL! Cute card!