Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Day! It is Sunday and I am still here! I am surviving with some sinus thing or a summer cold. I cough all night and sleep all day. Trying to finish a Halloween wall thingy, will post soon. But here is my last card. The black ribbon is $1.00 Michael's bin and the stamp is T-2878 Cute Curliques from Angel Co. of course. I thought they matched pretty well. Tom still not working but has many leads and going out again tomorrow. Today is our 12th Anniversary. I gave him his card and have free movie tickets to Regal Cinema. I got them from eating Rice Pudding for weeks.


  1. Great match on that ribbon with the stamp. Can't beat that dollar bin and you got a very good match! Hope you feel better soon! Try some Aleve cold and sinus - it works like magic! Hugs!

  2. my friend Brit commented over
    my shoulder that this would make a great wedding invite